About Us

Welcome to Raven Hils Candle Company 🕯 We handcraft luxury palm berry wax candles & wax melts with a sarcastic twist that smells absolutely amaaazing!!

Raven Hils Candle Company, LLC is a family owned & operated business based in Hayward, CA with a studio in nearby Castro Valley. Hilary is a second generation chandler following in her dads candle making footsteps. With over 35 years of experience, you can be confident your candle is made with the highest quality.

Our candles burn clean & aren’t greasy since our wax does not contain any harsh petroleum based chemicals - such as hexane - like paraffin & soy candles do. Yes, even soy. 😬 

Since our products don’t contain those additives, they’re true to scent.. which means a strawberry candle smells like 🍓 strawberries, and not kinda like a strawberry mixed with that “other” ⛽️ smell. 

The best part is they naturally hold 2x the amount of fragrance than any other type of candle wax can, so they are extremely fragrant. You don’t even have to light the candle to enjoy the scent.

They also burn hotter and brighter too, Palm is the hardest type of candle wax which means they last forever! Soy candles burn out quickly because soy is the softest type of wax. Palm is also the most beautiful type of candle wax leaving behind unique crystals as it cools.

Thank you for stopping by our shop & happy burning!