Candle Care: Please do not leave any candle unattended, it will burn down your house! Keep an eye on drafts, kids, & pets. 
  • For optimal results: Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4” above the wax, if your flame is too high, trim the wick! *Applies to ALL candles. Soot & black smoke happen when wicks are too long! 
  • Do not blow out your candle until the wax has melted all the way to the edge. This can take up to 4 hours depending on the width of the candle.
  • If you blow the candle out too early, it will create a memory hole and tunnel down that hole every time you light it, which wastes so much wax!

Recycled Packaging: We use recycled tissue and Kraft paper, cardboard filler, and shredded (splinter free) aspen wood filler to package your candle securely for shipment. We always reuse the packing materials that our materials come in, and occasionally that will include biodegradable styrofoam. 

Don’t Use These Candles Under A Heat Lamp: Since our wax has a high meltpoint, a heat lamp won’t really melt the wax and will barely give off any scent. Our wax melts can be used under a heat lamp, just not our candles.

Why Do Our Candles Last Forever? It’s the wax! Our wax is so unique that it will last much longer than any other type of candle wax. The harder the wax, the longer it lasts. Soy wax is the softest type of wax so candles made of soy will burn out quickly. Palm wax is the hardest type of wax (harder than paraffin) so Palm candles will seemingly burn “forever.” More bang for your buck! Just please be sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch.

Are They Strongly Scented? Is grass green? Is water wet? Sure is! Our wax holds 2x the fragrance weight than any other type of wax. Seriously, you don’t need to light the candle to enjoy its scented goodness.

Luxury candles without the price $$$: Don’t waste your money on $100 candles. 😬 The vast majority of luxury candles contain the same type of candle wax we use, and often the same fragrances.

So why do luxury Palm candles cost a car payment? Because they’re finicky. You need the right temperature at the right time & at the right humidity level to even pour the candle, and then the candles must cool very slowly. They need babysitting to ensure the candle cools at an even rate. Making candles with palm wax is very much like being a baker. While some people can easily make cookies, bakers make soufflés. 


Easy cleanup of spilled wax: If you’ve ever accidentally spilled hot wax on carpet, or your clothes, you know cleanup is almost impossible. Not with Palm wax. Palm wax will not stick to fibers the way other waxes do.

  • Allow the wax to cool and harden, then use your fingers or a brush to break up the wax - it will either come off in one piece, or crumble completely and turn to dust!! Once broken up, you can sweep or vacuum it up! Done! Now if you spilled a large amount, after completing the above steps, take a brown paper bag and put it on top, then iron the bag until the wax comes up.