Fresh Linen Candle with Black Lid, 9 ounces, Dye Free, Non Toxic


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Eco Friendly

Recycled Packaging

Long Lasting

Fill your home with the super fresh aroma of our 9 oz Fresh Linen scented candle. An ozone clean scent, this candle will make your home smell and feel sparkling clean.

This scent will mask most offending odors, including cigarette and pot smoke, uncle Bob’s vinegar feet, skunk spray, and *allegedly* it also covers up dead bodies but we haven’t tested that out yet.

Our long-lasting non-toxic candles are made with eco-friendly sustainable palm wax, and with CA Prop 65 free fragrances and essential oils.

The candles are all dye free, and come in a glass jar with a black metal lid.

Our natural wax doesn’t contain any additives so our candles are “true to scent,” which means our candles don’t have that “other smell” that paraffin and soy candles have. They also burn brighter and hotter, which means the candles will smell stronger and last longer than other natural waxes you can buy.

Palm wax is also the most unique and beautiful wax you will ever use, no other wax leaves crystals on the candles as it cools.

All of our candles are dye free, the various hues will range from pure snow white to a bright sunny yellow depending on the scent you choose.

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